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locked out of accounts HELP

nay have to open a new facebook account as i have locked myself out and changed email twice not mention passwords fibro fog at its worst and now memory of what i have done its terrifying wonder what else i have done wrong bank seems a okay tho.

i am in a land of my own and stressed to hell husband moving back in with me and having advanced luekemia i had so man of you on facebook as friends too

am depressed cant spell to exhausted to walk to sore to care andi do not normally complain like this either can someone please remindme of the real petal i seem to have lost her totally

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You will find her again, you're just going through a foggy time of it. It happens to us all, try not to worry too much as this seems to make the fog more exaggerated. Stress doesn't help either does it.

You're allowed to have a good moan, so please go ahead, hopefully it will get rid of some of the frustration a person can feel coping with Fibro etc. It sounds like you have far too much on your plate, so no wonder you're all in a tizzy.

We are all here for you, I hope things get better for you soon and the foggy feeling clears for you. Try not to worry too much, get lots of rest and I am sure things will get better soon, take care.


Ohh our beautiful Petal, you are still there, just hiding from the storm and pain of the anguish around you. I sometimes wonder if Fibro fog is the brain's attempt to hibernate and protect us from the stresses of the world.

You are in my prayers Petal

Julie xx


i need to find me soon cant be doing this screwed up all my internet accounts and some are dead as door nails i really cant seem to remember me i just know i dont moan like this normally hurricane robert will never go and i feel so bad saying that as he is dying but what happened to my life i fought so hard to regain its gone and i am back with emotional cruelty control freaks and hateful kids


Oh Petal it will sort itself out in time, you have given up so much to care for a man who treated you so badly you deserve a medal not the cr*p you are getting. Your kids are losing their Dad and taking it out on you which is unfair I know but as we all know life is unfair. All I can say is try to look forward, this will all end and you can go back to the new improved Petal we all know and love. We are all here for you so you just moan as much as you want xx


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