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Please fibro family take note of the link below that FionaP

Firstly I would like to thank FionaP and hope she does not mind me promoting it a little as I feel it will help lots off our member,

Follow the link it is a 10 min presentation explaing what judge's are looking for from us in an appeal which i'm sure will ease some stress off not knowing. smiles and hugs and thankyou again FionaP xx

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This is the incredible disappearing video that DWP minister Chris Grayling didn't want folks to watch, so much so he sent a Memo to the Ministry of Justice about it a result of which was the MoJ pulled it from their Youtube channel. It re-appeared a few months later and when it became the most watched MoJ video (the result of a Twitter campaign) it was pulled once again. However before it disappeared the second time a number of copies were made by various campaign groups to enable it to continue being circulated.

Why was it pulled you may ask - the answer is that, among other things, Chris Grayling didn't like it when it was mentioned, more than once, in the video that you were twice as likely to succeed if you turned up in person to your tribunal hearing!

The problem we face now is that earlier this week Chris Grayling became Minister for Justice - I have a wee sneaking feeling there's going to be changes to the appeal system as a result. He's already on record saying there should be feedback from the MoJ tribunals as to exactly why decisions have been overturned.


My Mother came with me to my first tribunal and when she didn't like the way they spoke to me. She told them they were upsetting me. The Judge told me Mum to be quite or leave the room. My CAB lady was also told she had missed her slot to comment on my case. I have a Medical this afternoon. I saw the Doctor yesterday and he has given me a months sick line as I am suffering from depression and anxiety attacks because of the pain I suffer. Will post the result when I get it.


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