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My son has given me permission to share this.

After a long hard fight (1yr) he has won a gruelling battle against ATOS, they lied on his medical even dismissed the doctors report, several months later his ESA was re instated without question.

The fight continued as DLA used the ESA's medical info supplied by ATOS and stopped his dla without notice, even the panel on the tribunal were disgusted and demanded ALL information that they had been supplied, WOW forwarded to the tribunal service.

I got a call from my son yesterday saying he had received letters from DWP, bless him he sounded so despondent, then he yelled down the phone "I've got it", he no longer has to attend his appeal in Oct, he's got all of his money re instated and back dated.

However down you get DONT GIVE UP.

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That's great news! I bet you are so pleased for your son and your son will no doubt be less thing to stress about which is always good :0) x


that is wonderful news fggoodon him for hanging in there and fighting for what is rightfully his well done and what a lovelyposotive blog woo hoo for him perhaps he can go anf treat himself to something nice now lpovely love diddle x


well done they are bunch of liars and hyprocrites and thats that.

good news for you and your son wish him all the very best..and may it continue...


Excellent. Well done to your son for fighting on. x


I'm so glad that your son kept fighting and has finally won! :)


Well done - how awful to have to fight for what is rightfully his. X


Feel so good for you and your son, happy news. I feel they will get their comeuppance eventually as more people make their


Well done to your son, just proves that by fighting we can WIN!!!!!



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