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Put your best foot forward!

Would that be mine or my grandaughters. I had a very long but rather marvelous day with her yesterday. Her name is Isla she was a pickle in the morning and then I realized that she had a dirty nappy and my lack of ability to smell ment I had missed it . No wonder she was cross. After that she came and went to sleep on me for an hour and a half, Lovely bless her and when she woke she was lovely and sunny. We played all afternoon and I had just managed her supper which looked wonderful when Mum came home, We were covered in food. hehe I handed her back lol an retreated :)

So here I am getting ready to go agIN TODAY slight problem cannot feel hands today - but it will go away! If I could cross my fingers I would. At least we are bonding now so I am quite looking forward to today. I managed to walk her to the park (not far) pushing the pram but the weather today is grey and windy - so maybe not! Another cup of coffee should do me and I will go and get ready! Have a good day guys x gins

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lol bless isla and her dirty bum dear little love

oh well all was ok in the end i am now off so will be back later maybe depends on what time it is love diddle x


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