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This might be a really stupid question but,if you have fibro,does it mean that you automatically have cfs incorporated in it or do you need reassessing for cfs? some people have posted that they have cfs and fibro so I was puzzled because I know people can have cfs without fibro but I thought that one of the symptoms (that I have) is overwhelming fatigue which is cfs.

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I can't answer your question but I do know that both fibro and cfs

are very much alike

with fibro you get the pain first, and the the fatigue, I take that to

Mean that the pain is worse in fibro. With cfs the fatigue is first

The pain second

I also get the sore throat that goes with cfs, I don't know how they

Tell the difference maybe fibro has the sore points and cfs does


Interesting to find out, how would you know if you had both


your not having much luck on your question but i too would like to know the answer

i dont think i have cfs .. if that helps

gentle dyslexic hugs


I remember reading somewhere they go hand in hand as fatigue is a big part of fibro, which kind of makes sence, don't you think?

Hugs to all xxxx


I tend to think that Fibromyalgia is more pain based with some fatigue, but CFS/ME is more fatigue based than pain. Both overlap and have many of the same symptoms, also both can be treated with similar meds. It is possible to have both conditions, I was diagnosed with both over separate periods of time.


I was diagnosed with fibro in 1996, but Ive often wondered if its more ME/CFS than fibro as my main symptoms are fatigue and memory issues, then comes pain and stiffness. I only seem to have one pressure point. But as Liberty said, the symptoms overlap and can be difficult to separate.


You're absolutely right Amanda and the overlap of symptoms is exactly what makes it so difficult to determine exactly what symptoms relate to which condition.

This paragraph is taken from information from our main site, it describes one of the symptoms we can suffer with Fibromyalgia and yet it has clear links to CFS too -

"Chronic fatigue is common with Fibro and this is often linked with the non-restorative sleep that is typical of Fibro. With this non-restorative sleep, a Fibro sufferer's brain tends to wake them up slightly every time they get into the deep sleep that is needed for physical rejuvenation. This can lead to more fatigue, more pain and other symptoms.1 12 The fatigue of Fibro is not like being a bit tired all the time: it can hit suddenly, leaving a Fibro sufferer almost unable to stand; it can be overwhelming, making it impossible to do anything at all; you can feel so tired that it seems impossible to even lift your head."

Having CFS myself, I have all the above symptoms as well as my Fibro, it is confusing I admit. I personally think half the problem is that it confuses the experts too and therein lies one of our main problems.

I get your point Bumblebee and yet I doubt anyone would be able to tell you for sure. I had the tender point test when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and reacted to all of them hence my diagnosis, but it can vary widely with each person.

The symptoms described within the link below, taken from an NHS site describing symptoms with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) could also easily describe Fibro symptoms - please click on the link for more info -


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