So relaxed :-)

I have to say a would throughly recommend a stroll by the seaside, taking in the sea air to anyone!

It was a struggle to walk - haven't walked so far in a long time - had to have a sit down a few times but I am so relaxed tonight. I cannot remember the last time I felt this chilled out and even though I do have some pain it is nothing like I thought I would of done as I am so relaxed.


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  • I love to do this to, did it last week and really enjoyed it even though I had a lot of pain the next day x

  • I am wondering if I will feel the full effects tomorrow but I'm so relaxed right now I don't think I even care lol!

    Everyone has been telling me how good the sea air will do me and I didn't really believe it but now I know its true I will be making lots of sea walks during my time away x

  • Being near the sea is one of my absolute favourite things. The sea air, the sound of seagulls, hearing the tide come in, I love it! So therapeutic feeling at one with nature too.

    Make sure you go again when you feel like it Hj, sounds like it's done you heaps of good, well done! :)

  • It really has done me the world of good and I'm only on the first day! Just nice to be away from 'normal' life for a few days!


  • I always feel better on holiday, away from the stresses of everyday life. There is nothing better than a stroll on the beach. Have a wonderful time.

    Hugs to all xxxx

  • I want to live at the beach, think i should be a mermaid , that might account for all the pain Im in. Hope you have a fabulous holiday sweetie x

  • hi i live 5 mins in a car from the beach and 15 mins walking it is really lovely walking along there on a hot day we have got a blue flag i believe and lovely golden sands

    and yes the sea air is lovely and fresh i take my doggy every sat and sun with my ppartner to he north beach as i live near the south beach it is a bit more stoney there but still nice love to you diddle xxxx

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