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HI All, It is still really muggy here, wouldnt mind if the suns out but i cant stand the muggyness hope we are not in for another storm like yesterday!!!!!! Theres nothing on TV so ive just turned it off.

Im really tired and sore today. Had to pop out for a few bits n pieces although i couldnt really have been bothered but it got me out. Wasnt out for that long but it was long enough only an hr and my feet are so sore, it feels as if my heels are being pulled off (dont even know how to descibe the pain in my feet!!!!) I am struggling today.

Just needed to tell someone!!!!

Take Care


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Hi jo poor u ur having an 'ouch' day as i call em. I can certainly sympathise with the feet pain and you describe it soooo well, it does indeed feel like ur having ur heels pulled off, its so painful and trying to walkwhen your feets like that is agony. Im in bed at da min as my heels r throbbing, burning, pulsatating and humming because I over did it yesterday and to top it off wore wedge shoes as i was sick to death of feeling old and dowdy. Pain is horrendous 2day but havta say I felt young & trendy yesterday even if it was just for a day :-) lol x


Hi, Its horrible isnt it with the feet, if their not sore then their burning it just wont stop. I havent worn my heels in ages and keep thinking about wearing my wedges as i have a really lovely pair. Yeah was feeling a bit low and sore earlier (still sore but my mood has improved slightly!!!!!) Glad you felt good yesterday even though it means you are suffering today but sometimes it just has to be done.

Take Care

Jo xx


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