And I am supposed to fit for Work!

I'm having a really bad day, in bed with my trusted lap top and Fibro, my body is hurti all over so much, I stagger to the bathroom when I need to go, I have a work related interviw at the job centre this afternoon, I could do without, cos they say I am fit for work! some crule joke of the goverments that I'm finding not funny. Last couple of days I have been looking or courses I can retrain and writing a letter tomy MP about ESA am knacked to the point of exhastion, I need to of load , I hope I feel better in doing so, got loads more I want to say but haven't got the energy,

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  • Aw bless you it is awful when you feel like that and have got to go and prove to someone what you are really like i am the same today i am sitting on my bed with kindle one side and netbook i done too much the last couple of days and thought no i am doing nothing today but am still aching lol so i dont know i wish you luck for later today bless your heart if only you could video yourself so they can see you now then who your bones love diddle xx

  • Thank you Diddle I hope your eeling better soon too.

    Take care Netta

  • A video diary for Jobcentreplus and Atos sounds great .... they would still struggle to believe how much I sleep ... 20 hours yesterday then still slept through the night until 11 today! Makes a nice change from insomnia, think I'll have a nap for an hour now though ;-)

    Julie xxx

  • Video diary seem like a good idea, videoing fibro fog would be amusing, the goverment wouldn't be bothered, they are public school boy bullies, who pick on the vulerable , enjoy your nap Julie


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