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And I am supposed to fit for Work!

I'm having a really bad day, in bed with my trusted lap top and Fibro, my body is hurti all over so much, I stagger to the bathroom when I need to go, I have a work related interviw at the job centre this afternoon, I could do without, cos they say I am fit for work! some crule joke of the goverments that I'm finding not funny. Last couple of days I have been looking or courses I can retrain and writing a letter tomy MP about ESA am knacked to the point of exhastion, I need to of load , I hope I feel better in doing so, got loads more I want to say but haven't got the energy,

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Aw bless you it is awful when you feel like that and have got to go and prove to someone what you are really like i am the same today i am sitting on my bed with kindle one side and netbook i done too much the last couple of days and thought no i am doing nothing today but am still aching lol so i dont know i wish you luck for later today bless your heart if only you could video yourself so they can see you now then who your bones love diddle xx


Thank you Diddle I hope your eeling better soon too.

Take care Netta


A video diary for Jobcentreplus and Atos sounds great .... they would still struggle to believe how much I sleep ... 20 hours yesterday then still slept through the night until 11 today! Makes a nice change from insomnia, think I'll have a nap for an hour now though ;-)

Julie xxx


Video diary seem like a good idea, videoing fibro fog would be amusing, the goverment wouldn't be bothered, they are public school boy bullies, who pick on the vulerable , enjoy your nap Julie



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