Who nicked my spoons?

Had a nice sleep (eventually) last night and a quiet start to the day (computer and dozing) - really nice and chilled considering the weather is so muggy.

I've just been to the toilet and got dressed .... and someone nicked my spoons whilst I was away - feel absolutely shattered and there is so much pain in my shoulders. Ohh well it was good whilst it lasted!

Julie xx

4 Replies

  • Could it be the weather? I find this hot muggy and cloudy weather so draining. It just sucks spoons out of me!

  • Quite possibly xx

  • spoon nicker - sounds like the start for a limerick!!


    PS Wasnt me! Jx

  • As a sign of a lack of spoons spent the afternoon slumped infront of the TV watching "the Colditz Story" and lusting after John Mills ... I must like short slim men eg John Mills, David Cassidy, Richard Hammond , Hubby #1 (when i met him) and #2, BF. Definate pattern there.

    Julie xx

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