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Post code lottery

Yes there is a post code lottery when it comes to treatment, I have just resently been having acupuncture through pain management & it has eased but not eliminated my pain its been heaven, but as Huddersfield don't do pain management any more iv had to go through Sheffield, I had a phone call yesterday from pain management, "we apologise but as you live in kirklees we can not give you any more acupuncture", the lady I spoke to was very apologetic but I don't bame her its not her falt she isn't the person who took away the first ease iv had in my pain for 19 years. They want disabled back in work but withhold treatments, so now the morphine oral soluti on will probably go up in usage iv only had 1 dose in 5 weeks, I was using 6-8 times a week that's on top of patches before the acupuncture , let's just hope I get the Hypnotherapy they been taking about giving me & that it works if not I'll be no worse off than I am now still in pain an thoroughly pigged off.

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It does seem very unfair that so many treatments aren't available to everyone with Fibromyalgia. It seems it is area related, some areas have more resources for more treatments, clinics etc. We should all have the same facilities and treatments open to us, at least then Fibromyalgia would hopefully be understood more as there would be set guidelines in place for how to manage it. It would also be easier to monitor if all Doctor's surgeries, hospital clinics etc all sang from the same song sheet and followed the same procedures for treatments, medications etc.

Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy are available to some but not others. Pain clinics also aren't available to everyone. It can all feel very hit and miss can't it.


Yes it does I've had physiotherapy & hydrotherapy it was at least 15 years ago I was lucky I was able to go to huddersfield but now I don't know what I'm gonna do, when I started. The acupuncture I was at screaming point with my right sholder I just hope it stays quiet .


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