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pain in my feet

Hi i would just like to say thank you all for your messages about my feet and i would like to say it nice not to be on my own ,but that means you are all suffering like me and thats not good . I wish there was a curer for us or somethink to easy the pain but im on a lot of meds and still in a lot of pain

co- codamol 30/500mg

sertline 50mg

amertriplyine 25mg

pergaptine 100mg

and im still in pain so what more can be done , im at doctors monday morning to see if he can come up with anythink else so i let you know ok thank you so much for all your comments xxxxxxx

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Good luck at the doctors on Monday, hope he has a brain wave for you!

Julie xx


lol me too xxxx


Best of luck at the Doctors on Monday Chambers! Hope it all goes well for you! :)


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