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Well blow me down

I am amazed I went to GP yesterday and today I got a pnone call from eye specalist telling me I have not had an optical neuritis, great I think things are looking up. Not so fast he says I have I have stretched the vitrious sac in my eye and that is now weak and that is why I am having the blurred vision and shaddow to the left of my eye.

More amazing is that I am going to see him Thursday and yes I do mean thisThursday, thats what I call great service. He wants to check my eye before I fly off on holiday on Monday.

I am one amazed and happy woman today.

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Great news I'm glad you took the advice from some of our community friends hugs xx


That's brilliant service xxx nicki


So pleased you have got a result hope all goes well Sue xx


That is some serious efficiency going on there. Hope you get the all-clear for the flight and have a marvelous time.

Julie xx


That is brilliant news Devonlady, please let us know how you get on. Wishing you all the best! Take care! :)


Thanks ladies, will keep you updated after visit on Thursday xx


Hi, I am so glad for you that it wasnt optic neuritis. Hope you get the all clear for monday and have have a lovely holiday.

Take Care

Jo xx


Me to Jo,

Not sure I like the sound of this either but have to deal with what were given I suppose :-)


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