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Well hi ho hi ho its off to wrk i go flopping my head and slurping my feet hi ho

Ohhh not feeling the wrk thing at all today and thats out of character because its my business!! But think because i feel am getting slowly worse i just not enjoying it as cannot do physical side as much as i trrrryyyyyyy!!!!

I did a bit of my own home cleaning and by god i was in pain and suffering.

My daughter does my job because of how i am but does not want to anymore (stress) she likes wrking abroad in clubs!! :-/ but then comes back with no job when season finished!

Asking me for wrk again.

I am tired of girls coming and going and when you think you got a decent one that one leaves, so had enough of it all!!!!

What to do i am struggling with everything! My mum Says i should pack up get what i need as in carers alliwance and disability etc but i am forcing myself as theres no way we could manage!!

Yes my health comes 1st but to give up what i earn is hard so obviously money is important!

Ohhhh the joys

I cant get any help as i am classed as an Employer ( well never tried but its what Dr said) ??? She told me to Claim!! And not drive. But am mobile now and out and about just in agony a lot ohhhhhh fm guys i feel in a rut with this but i sooo independant!!!!


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Morning, to stop the job you do it makes you feel that you've given in to fib, but you haven't, get yourself a nice little part time job claim what you need and enjoy your days more, not sure what you do but sounds like it gives you stress and pain, jack it in and do something less stressful, it may turn your life around and you'll wonder why you didn't do it long ago, hope my words of wisdom will help you.

Love Nicki x


Hi Nikki

I am self- employed cleaner.

I have help though now and became an Employer, but no one is reliable, consistent or stays long enough.

I chauffeur everywhere and have to check, see customers, organising etc.

I cannot do physical side ( i cried when i gave that bit up) as i love it.

Before i did Pharmacy for 8yrs! Loved it and did everything, but my local pharmacy the girls i know wrk there and say well this be hard too as you cant stand long either.

I have typing skills, office payroll, ohh alsorts but j not keen on office!

I like to be independant. Xxxx

Dr told me to claim and not drive, but realised i am an employer.

Such a pain!!!! Xxxx i just cannot hack it at minute

Thanks nikki xxxx huggles


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