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Neurologist visit??????

Just come back from visiting a neurologist. He didn't do much / tapped reflexes and stuck pin in. I think left leg reflex seemed slow but he didn't say anything. Felt all the pins. He is sending me for a MRI scan of lower back coccyx. But doesn't think pain in knees is anything to do with spine. Any one else seen a neurologist - what was u experience - similar ????

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Hello Jeannie, first visits can vary slightly but below is a rough idea of what generally takes place when you first see a Neurologist. I am sure members will add to this their experiences so you can compare.

Usually your medical history is discussed along with your current situation. Usually you have to take with you all your meds. Normally you are weighed, temperature taken, blood pressure, urine test. You may be given a blood test.

You will probably discuss the time line regarding your health, when you first showed symptoms, what these symptoms were and perhaps to discuss your work etc.

Next your reflexes will be checked for response etc. Also you may have your eyes checked in terms of their tracking, how you follow things with your eyes etc. You may have to walk a straight line. To stand still perhaps to check your balance when still and with your eyes closed.

Your reactions regarding pushing your hands up against the Neurologist's hands may be checked too. You may even have to close your eyes and touch your nose with one finger.

You might have an MRI scan at this appointment or subsequently.

Appointment can vary of course depending on the nature of the referral.


Hi i saw one and he diagnosed my m.e too.

Also he did sleep deprevation tests,brain scans,muscle biopsy.

I had many many tests done and going back coz of seizures.

I also had a pscyhiatric report done as well.

I came back sane,but goofy.


I seen Neurologist! And neuro surgeon and now clinical neuro physcologist as neurologist happy with state in, however brain scan normal thankfully! But

Still got to carry on.

Hope your MRI is a good result and nothing to worry about.

Technology is good.

I do not want to say too much as i have a lot of medical contacts in my job who say what they see and what have seen how i become.

So soft huggles!!! Xxxx great support on here xx


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