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Catch 22 not impressed given Diazepam

Well went Dr yesterday as been so bad with neck going again!

Locom Dr even better (nice but touched my neck rroooarr)

Nearly shot through roof.

Told how it has been said i am really bad on neck and see how go in wk and do another MRI maybe if still problems.

I have given physical side up as got too difficult cried when doing it breaks my heart with something i have built and enjoy, to become Employer and run it, so now neck problems, muscle spasms feel one nose bunged up dry mouth through noGte bad,

Must drive as its only way can continue, as driver left, so how am i supposed to run it if nOt driving either.... Ohhhh am soooooo gutted, frustrated and mad because all i want to do is build my dream and how can i do that if the organ grinder is having trouble!!!

Maybe offer franchise opportunities money comes in then and i still get to say how it goes lol

What to do?!?!?!

Cazzie xxxx

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