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I am meeting up with my 2 best friends today just for an hour for a girly chat as i have nt seen them for ages with one thing and another like everyone else with work and family commitments we cant always get together but we can manage an hour today so woo woo an hour will not be long enough then 24 hours wouldnt either lol once we start we just go on and on and on lol so looking forward to seeing them as its been far too long

then i have got to goto my sisiters beauty room for couple of hoursthen home thats my day love to you diddle xxxx

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I hope today is filled with joy x

I am going to try a little sleep before it gets too late. My day is deep cleaning and polishing a shelving unit. Be nice when it's done. x


enjoy your special time with friends today diddle , how are you feeling in yourself as last time we chatted you was not very well at all ? lots a love xx teresaxx


Diddle, I hope you've had a lovely time, as you say catching up with friends is such a joy. I am meeting a friend this afdternoon for coffee and a crossword which will be rather taxing as today is definately a musshy peas instead of brain day. ha ha

Does your sister do massage in her beauty room ? - that's my idea of heaven when I can cope with massage its wonderfyul.

Enjoy yourself, and take care, muchly dottii xx


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