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I am amazed it actually does feel differemnt i bought a mattress topper and 2x pillows from Argos yesterday as it was a memory foam one so i thought i would give it a go they were 334.99 i got my daughter one too and i must say i could feel a difference with it, i did have a douyble quilt and double sleeping bag on top of my mattress but took those off and put memory foam mattress on and it really lobely so i would recommend them i was a bit more comfortable although i still got up at 4 am lol but my laying in bed felt more comfortable love diddle xxxxx

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Hiya, I bought a memory foam mattress a couple of years ago, I went thro a few of them before I found the right one,, but now I sleep thro the night most nights.. I have bought a topper for the camper now as well because I couldn't sleep at all in there, I've just had a weekend away and slept pretty well considering.

My husband says I am like the princess and the pea as I feel every tiny lump, but to me it feel Massive.. X


I had a memory foam mattress and it made such a difference. When I moved house I had to get a smaller bed that came with a normal mattress, oh the pain was incredible. I spent a year of rubbish sleep and waking in the night every hour in pain and then I splashed out on another memory foam mattress, best money I have ever spent. Took a week to get back used to it but now I wake about two times a night and this in itself has helped tremendiously.


i bought a memory foam bed about five years ago and they do make a difference,at the time i was off to a bed shop to just get a mattress, but it was £550 at the time,it just so happened that they had a whole bed with drawers under it for £600 so decided that was a better option,( the sales lady was lovely and chucked in a memory foam pillow as well),i certainly can tell the difference if we go away in a hotel that has coiled mattress, i usually end up having to take a single thick duvet and doubling it over,i do have a lot of pain in my neck and have tried several types of pillow and must say,never found any of them comfortable,my partner says the same as you starblaze ,on the princess and the pea situation!!! p.s sleeping with a small cushion between my knees helps my hips on a night to some extent


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