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hi again..just spoke with welfare rights man..and hes told me to apply for a change in circumstance claim pack from DLA i feel more positive since my last post,i think things will be ok now,i didnt realise just how much iv deteriorated over the last 8 months so by "startinng again" i hope i will be succsesfull,just a shame that the lady from dla that did my forms could have told me! and iv made appointment with my doctor to bring him up to date {how many of us go and tell docs how we are ,week to week!?} plus my mental health nurse is writing an updated report,so fingers crossed!..xx

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hello hope everything works out for you take care love beth xx


hi beth,i feel more confedent,its just the thought of starting agai :[ losing 16 months valuable time and effort..not to mention the back dated payments,of which i have spent on extras making life a little easier...ah well if it gets it sorted i be happy. xx



It is good that you are starting again. There is great information on the main web site and on tags from here to help with completing a new form.

Best of luck

Fi x


hi..yes thank you,he said he would sit with me and fill all the form out with me,so as i said before fingers crossed,take care hunny,have you had such problems?xx


I had to go to appeal and it took 8 months. Saw all their tricky ways. There was someone in the car park and watching all going to appeal as they arrived and got into the building. Timing and counting how often I struggled. lucky for me I was on a bad day. Easy as I had not been able to afford the help without the DLA.

If you can do something on a good day but it still causes pain later than you need to be real truthful and say that you cannot do it. We are often too quick to say what we would like to be able to do.

I found it best to sit with a friend who knows my struggles and go through my daily chores. Right from the first toilet visit eww, listing what effect they have on my body, the shooting, throbbing, dropping right down to the muscle paralasis. I also learned that it is better to list ALL your ailments that fibro gives and then put that many are due to fibro. Otherwise they only have their list (widespread pain ha, we wish). If I can help please message me.

Best Wishes. Fi x


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