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had my DLA tribunal today.the legal rep.said that the jobcentre disability advisor had made a mess of my forms..nearly resulting in having HRM and LRC stopped! at least the tribunal gave me the chance to halt the proccedings to seek legal advise eg.welfare rights ..anyone else had this happen?if so what was the outcome?they are sending me another date for follow up..thanks..first time on here so be gentle! lol im a 62 year old woman

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Welcome to the site pondminstrel

You sure had a rotten time yesterday I am afraid I can only offer my sympathy make sure when your new date comes that you have fully prepared your case I hope it all gets sorted.

Wishing you well x gins


hi gins..i hope the welfare rights officer will be able to sort it i thought i was sorted and had loads off aditional information..i felt they had made their mind up before i went in!..i feel that it may be easier and quicker to put another claim in and let welfare rights man do it all for me! the clerk told me to do that!!!! how crazy is that!..the daft thing is that the clerk told me to take it further and complain about the woman from jobcenter that had cocked my form up! so they must have felt id been not worried as i feel with hindsight,,the legal rep on tribunal threw me a life line,,thank you for your reply..its a good site and nice people xxxx


Hello and welcome pondminstrel,

What to say?? Well at least they stopped the tribuneral and gave you time to contact someone.

What incompetence..makes you wonder if they really know what they are doing and the possible affect it has on peoples lives.

I hope you get a new date asap and con get something sorted out asap.

This is such a lovely site, you can have a moan, have a giggle, find information or just browse the blogs and know you are among friends and fellow sufferers.

Hope all goes well for you, Take care

Jan xx



Make sure you get the right help. Use your instincts and make decisions about it on a fybr fog free day! My DLA tribunal was not good and I would say that sitting infront of a barrister, a specialist and a care specialist for 2 1/2 hours picking me appart whilst feeling nauseous was not the best day of my life. I have just heard about a place that offers help (legal and disability benefit related stuff) which may be usefull for you. I am looking to see if they can help me overturn my tribunal decision which took 10 months to go to tribunal. Look them up on web if you feel they may be worth a try.

The disability law service. i think address is

Keeep fighting for your own justice and good luck



Hello and welcome Pondminstrel!

So sorry they postponed your tribunal. I suppose the good thing that came out of it was that you have time on your side to gather all the evidence you can, together with legal advice etc.

I hope it all goes well for you eventually, it's so frustrating isn't it. Take care.


thanks for the reply..and yes,very frustrating as it was a disability advisor that filled my claim form out!..but at least the panel gave me a chance..just waiting for a return call from welfare rights probly be quicker and easier to start claim again! but i will wait and see what he has to say..x


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