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Ok it is 6 am so i am now gonna take my little doggyout for his walk it is qyite mild out and bit damp but ok the sky is grey today so it looks like we are in for a day of showers i am going over to my daughters later to see my grandsons so that is nice i am looking forwaerd to seeing them i was going yesterday but she text to say they were goiung out for day as it was nice sio thats fine i would rather they do something nice when the sun is shining

oh well i may be back later but if not i hope you all have a really lovely day and will catch up soon love diddle xxxx

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Good morning diddle yet again.its sunny here at mo.

Hope it stays that way.


Hi, Diddle and Sammy,

The sun was shining lovely here this morning at 5am but now its raining and im off to Felixstowe to look at a bungalow, thought i would be able to wear something summery, but guess its good old faithfully tracky bottoms and maybe a smart top.

Hope you have a good day

Gentle Hugs to all

Bonnie Lass


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