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As i was walking about town i went past the card factory i bought my calender for next year in there last week i could not believe they had them in alreay but wait for this one today they have got a whole wall yes a whole wall full of CHRISTMAS CARDS yes there they were in all their glory all along the side wall of the shop i could not believe it i bet if i went in they had all their wrapping paper too lol so you can all go down and get your cards sorted

i am alraey sorted as i always get my family ones for the nextyear in the sale i get twice as many for half as much lol

mind you i should not say too much as i have got all my gransonds presents all wrapped up in the loft ready to go lol so i think i better shut up and i have also written all my poems for my funny presents too as every year after christmas dinner i write poems about funny things members of the family have done thi year or things that have happened to them write a poem about it and give them a suitable funny present too i have done about 27 for this year already lol

oh well just thought i would let you all know that it will soon be christmas lol

love diddle xxx

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Everyone knows that Christmas begins on August 1st!

And of course, the Easter Egg push begins on Boxing Day, not to mention having to squeeze in Hallowe'en and Valentine's day and Mother and Father's Day.

I think it's what big business calls 'not wasting retail opportunity'

Personally, I am one of those people who's always running around in late December, trying to find the right present for everyone. Maybe I'll take a leaf out of your book Diddle, and start buying presents early.

You never know ... if we can work ourselves into a holly and mistletoe mood, the sun might come out again!

Luv from Moffy


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