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The sun shone - shone being operative word well

it looks as if it is trying today but yesterday summer came it was a scorcher what a change, unannounced just beaming sunshine to warm the bones. I was lucky an old friend took me out - rare occurrence had a lovely lunch gossiping a wander around a garden center - my passion- and went to an aggregate seller strange but he stocked many different goodies for garden. I found a fossil like stone brilliant. Home and back to sleep so much sleep is needed these days probably better sleep than night time. Today it rains HOPEFULLY NOT FOR LONG . I wonder what treat is in store at the Olympics today no cheating I hope that was disgusting they should have been banned and then for another country to copy because the others had done so why should't they. it makes me mad Japan does't need to cheat!

Smile guys :) dont let the b.............S keep you down ! xxxxgins :) :)

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