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I just got in from walking the dog shut the front door and the heavens went black and boy did they open it was hard rain with hail and thunder and lightenjng jt was awful all my sky telly was knocked out my little doggy curled right up next to me on the bed shaking dear little boy he was terified it was so loud i looked out of my window and i couldnt see a thing the rain was so terrential and now 30 mins later it is warm and blue sky and drying up weird or what

well i have been to my sisters beauty room for 2 and half hours and thats it really now sitting on bed for an hour and will walk my doggy again later and thats it really bath time yippee love my bath and bed dont love bed so much as it is just a few hours of pain and wriggling around and no sleep and so the cycle starts again . hope everyone is well love to you all diddle xx

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