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" Enjoy your self It's later than you think" the words of one of the songs

Yesterday I spent most of day sleeping just as well cause I actually went out last night to see Jools Holland WOW he can play the piano his fingers dash up and down playing boogie, Jazz, and anything that is toe tapping audience captivating.

Did I enjoy myself oh Yes marvelous lots of cheery up pills am I paying for it today --------------yup but i was worth it I have never seen an entire audience and cast so together with the music loved it! I wish I could have taken you all - Happy times

Have a good day x gins

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Yes, you are so right.I try to enjoy myself every day and I do. I can forget the pain and the symptoms if I am engrossed in enjoying the moment. So glad you had a great time. I had the same pleasure last Sunday as we were lucky to get complimentary tickets to the golf Open, we had a fantastic time. Enjoy the day xxxx


Laughter and smiling can be the best medicine! Maximum dose laughter + maximum dose smiling = better controlled pain. Just pace yourselves with anything else :)


My husband & I are big Jools fans, we go & see him every year at the Cliffs Pavilion Southend in November. Been going at least 8 years, also went 1 Christmas to the Albert hall so saw him twice in two mths! His band are incredible too, you can see they all enjoy themselves every gig, never get bored, & pass the feel good factor on to the audience!

I went out shopping with my daughter sat. & had a lovely time. Still paying for it now with extra pains, but it was worth it!

That's what makes our lives worth living, not a "do nothing it might hurt more later" existence! We must not get stuck in a rut, as a rut is a grave with the ends kicked out!!!

Gentle hugs to all, just do something or go somewhere today, before it is gone forever!!! It really is later than you think! LOL!!!