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The dreaded DLA again,

My brown envelope arrived today and I have been turned down for care. Many things have changed since I was awarded low rate care that my doctor told me to inform DLA of my condition. I have been diagnosed with chronic Kidney disease, I already have Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis in my shoulder and hip. my mental health is poor, I dont want to get up in the morning. Now this has come back I feel 100 times worse. Why do they send it on a Saturday when I have to stew all weekend til I can talk to someone about this? Grrrrrrrr Sorry to rant guys I know it gets us all. So sorry xxx

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I getit and ranting is what were here for i thought lol. I hadmy renewal letter arrive and since first applied with just hypermobilty i have been diagnosed with me,fibromyalgia,pots and eds. yet it taking them over3 weeks to do investigations ,i got called to drs yesterday to go through it so now they have they will make mydreaded decition. I hope i get what ihad before or may lose mobility vehicle.

theyjust don't get it, apparently there is a show on monday evening explaing the decistion process by dla.

hope this helped doubtful so sending gentle hug to you and say keep your chin up


oh nanatre I feel for you! appeal as soon as you can and email your local cab. the benefits and work booklet will help - I believe it's available through the fibroaction admin. There is a form near the back of the booklet you can fill in and give to your gp and consultant - it helps answer most of the Q's the dla ask them.

I was turned down for everything after 10yrs dla, appealed - sending dr & consultant's letters, lots of info and got my dla back.

If you join vascilitisuk on here and download the "route map" there is a lot in there that will help with info on arthritis, symptoms/treatment and more - I also used this.

good luck.


I think I read somewhere that we (fibro) sufferers can ask that our forms get vetted by someone that understands Fibro? Did I read it or am I cracking up again? It makes so much sense to me, we have problems telling each other the things that we have to put up with, let alone a stranger, so being vetted by someone that knows would make the whole process so much easier and stress free for us. Or perhaps I have dreamt the whole thing, if I have please ignore me xx


i have not been accepted for dla for years ! I went from high rater with middle care too incapacity ! Yet my health has worsened? This is a odd procedure this D L A game


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