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A bad workman blames his tools?

Is that true I wonder. Yesterday I was doing a lot of work on the computer and it managed to hide all my files. I spent a long time working through everything looking for the 6 files I needed. I began to get cross then tear full at the point of giving up I switched most things off and there they were hiding in a sub section ugggggh all smiles again. So I dont think it is a bad workman I think it is the damn computer taking on its own life! Had to chuckle with relief did not want to do it all again. Hope today will be better x gins

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i hate computers i really do think they have a life of thier own ! glad you found them in the end hope you have a better day today aswell hugs xx


I do agree, Yesterday I was waiting for an important email, and my email page froze and no matter what I did I could not use it for anything at all! I reported it and today its working.

hip hip hooray!

(bit late though)


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