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Painpatches Lidicaine

Just wondered if anyone gets these pain relief patches from either GP or consultant? I use this method of localised pain to some effect.3patches per day of 12hrs use.I could cut the patches to shape to other areas but I think the use on say knee or shoulder with whole patch taped to skin with Micropore.Many Fibromites I have met have never heard of this treatment option.If it seems you have got idea it will help as a doctor.

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Hi, my Husband is on them patches, has been for a while now. His only on 1 patch. He has osteo, not fibro. Love to you. Helen xx


I have used these on and off for about a year now - I find they help with my neck, which flares up fairly regularly but I do have spondylosis so not sure whether it is helping the pain from the fibro or that - Having said that, I do think they are worth a try - they have helped definitely.


I have just been told about pain patches by my pharmacist, i didnt know about them before, are they good for fibro? my shoulders are always in tight sharp pain


I have had these patches for over 2 years.My thoughts are the dull pains of Fibro are lessened by the use of patches.As everyone is different with Fibro I would ask to try them if your/GP agrees.

Hope this helps


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