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Mood even lower

This week has to go down as one of my worst especially regarding my mood. Spoke to the mental health team on numerous occasions and have been. Visited on 2 occasions. Yesterday afternoon got a phone call to say I had an emergency psychiatrist appointment this afternoon that freaked me out as it was a surprise. Anyway after a very stressful time waiting I went and she was very nice said about fibro it depends who you see as to what diagnosis you get she said if you see a rheumatologist he will say fibro pain clinic will say chronic pain syndrome and she had another I can't remember. Anyway she is sending me to the iaps team to offer cbt and councelling she is also changing my meds sorry to ramble on but it helps to come on here hope you all have a good weekend love sue xx

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Hi hun i had c.b.t and counselling and it did wonders for my mood self esteem.

I had been in remission with m.e untill i got badly injured in a 5 car pile up.

My sons friend had his head scalped in back.and it left me scarred and very fragile.

I came out of remission suicidal.

She got me through some of the most darkest days of my life.

I nearly died and had to attend court coz of tbe crash.i didnt cause.

So she saved my life and still use wot she taught me the tapping method.

Your not on your own.



Hi Sue sorry to hear you have had a rotten week but hope things will now get sorted out for you. This site is great as we are all in the same boat so know how each other feel and going through. I have felt quite down this week also pain being worse not sleept for 2 nights and have a stinking headache. I'm sure its the crap weather we are having. Hope you have a good weekend take care soft hugs Marg. xx


hang in there it does get better it just takes time and right person petal



Hello all, my name is bill i am a motorcyclist all my life & i always said the day i stop riding will be the day they lay me to rest.

To the lady getactive i hope all goes well for you, personally my problems started 11th April 2007 although i had the usual symptoms of FM no one picked it up & then was the rear end crash which luckily for me i was the one hit it was an elderly man coming along a dual carriageway at approx 60 mph i was waiting at the island for traffic to move then saw this car roaring at my rear mirrors, i made my mistake & froze to the bike with all my strength on the brakes & then my life changed in a second as the man careared into my back end at high speed.

At the time my 2nd wife was catching up & witnessed it all, well i kept my bike upright pushed into the oncoming traffic & i realised he had not braked it was the split moment i realised he was then going to brake & he skidded into me again.

I was fortunately on a Harley Davidson electroglide which stood the test of time & saved any injuries apart from severe whiplash, the story started some 4 months earlier though i did not realise in December 2006 close to christmas my mum passed away only days before i went to the carribean to wed & the family told me to go my mum would have wanted it so i went, 2 days before the wedding i took violently ill, i lost 2 stone in a week but kept up my part of the bargain & wedding day came i managed to make it with a smile, we had the greatest day of my life it was fantastic & afterwards could not continue at the reception so left to my bed, for some 7 days i was ill then returned home ill, for another 10 weeks i was in & out of hospital test after test & then the day came it just dissapeared so the at the weekend my wife & i left for the coast to visit my elder brother who was on holiday & on the way home was the accident.

Since then, later in 2007 a cowboy posed under my company name & used my corgi no it caused havock so for 6 months i was fighting to clear my good name then i had to rename after 27 years, a short while after my 1st wife took ill she passed away in a coma & my 3 kids had to turn the life support off, since then my 3 children have only spoken ill words, since then. i was beaten by the 2nd wifes ex, in & out of hospital 1 after another, i was severely beaten 2010 by 21 youths who were drunk on a sunday evening & decided me & the wife where punch bags outside my house putting the bins out.

Since that i have lost my company as my health by then was increasingly getting worse & i couldent get past lunch before i was in pain i have never felt such pain in my entire life, then the recession hit so it has ruined my plans i have lost my house, found out the 2nd wife was cheating on me, September 11th 2011 i decided to end it, i overdosed & when the ex came home she watched over me for 24 hours then took me to hospital as she was concerned where i was checked over as it happened half the pills where not strong enough so i live, i was under the mental health team for quite some time then christmas came once again to learn my wife was still cheating.

On the 5th January 2012 i got so low i cut my arm badly in my temper then realised she was not worth it i got help from my brother who had me removed under the Mental Health act, i never returned home now i am on stronger morphine & medications, my ex visits now & again & i am alone in a place i feel lost although my elder brother still keeps in touch he is on the next street i can only praise him for helping me, now i am up & down in & out of pain & feel lost hence why i decided to join the forum.

I still have my motorcycle but rarely go out at the moment.

so this all started on my Mothers death. i miss my mum so much & now i am hoping with the forum i may learn more & hope i can be strong enough to continue


Whizzkid, I read your blog with tears in my eyes. What an ordeal you have been through.

I really hope you find it useful being on here, everyone is so friendly. You seem to have hit rock bottom so remember the only way is up from now on :)

Big hugs



I found the CBT very helpful personally and not at all traumatic. Good luck x


Dont know you, just wanted to send hugs through the airwaves. Hold on tight, in my own experience it is so hard to see a light through the dark times but i'm sure this will pass. The therapy can be really helpful in giving you the skills to manage strong emotion. Wishing you all the best. xx


Thanks everyone for your encouraging words x


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