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Fed up

I am so fed up I have had a bad stomach for over a week now I started off being sick one day and ever since i have had a loose stomach and cramping pains, as if I havent enough to put up with!!! the fybro is bad enough with pains in my back arms shoulders well just everywhere, sorry folks I am having a bad day and doing a rant.

I just want my stomach to settle down I am living on soup and mild things I have no appitite its sooo annoying, I cant trust myself to go anywhere in case the cramping starts any ideas anyone !!!!!!

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Hello irishlady76

Sorry to hear your not feeling very well n your fed up, I like you sometimes have this tummy problem, mine used to be under control for a long time but, it has raised its ugly head again. IBS is my problem and I get BUSCOPAN from my GP and within 24-48 hrs I am pain free, well for that problem at least, have you thought about goin to c your GP, and asking about it? I hope this helps you, please don't suffer in silence.

love n gentle hugs

Dee xxx


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