They don't give up, do they?

Before I heard from ATOS about the result of my 'medical' I was sent a questionnaire asking what I thought about the assessment process with the bribe of being put into a bribe of a draw for £100 M&S vouchers. I threw in in the bin.

But I have now received another form from the survey company asking me if I would consider completing their survey. This one I am keeping to show my MP if I need to see him at some stage. It's supposed to be entirely confidential. However, as I would have had to put my name and phone no to enter the draw and they clearly had some way of knowing that I hadn't completed their questionnaire then I'm not entirely sure about that!

As if we didn't get enough forms to fill in.


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  • I have never heard of this happening before Caroline, sounds terrible to me. I wonder if any others have had the same experience as you have. They certainly seem to put the pressure on all for the sake of a survey . . . . we all hate forms don't we, God knows we get enough of them to fill in , , , , :) :)

  • Bin bin bin ;-)

  • Perhaps it might be worth sending your MP an email to give them the details. There's a form here you can use.

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