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Back to normal next week!

Hi all,

Not been on here for a while, my husband is off work at the moment taking a break - we have been out and about with the dog. He goes back to work next week so it will be back to normal for me. It's great when he's around as it's so much easier getting in the car to go off to do the shopping or having a coffe and cake instead of me catching the bus in all this rain :(

Hope your all ok and life/fibro is treating you well.

Angel hugs to everyone xx

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Hi Finlay, its good to know that you are as well as can be and getting out and about with your Husband, and having coffee and cake, how lovely.

My Husband is taking early retirement because of my ill health and we are going to go to Santorini mid August for a week, I can't wait!!

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x


Hi Sue,

Sorry to hear your hubby has to take early retirement (I'm sure he is looking forward to it though) Santorini sounds great, it will soon come round. Hope you have a fab time the sunshine will do you good :)

We didn't go away this time unfortunately although it would have been great to chill out in the good weather, we are going away later in the year (Oct) I'll be so ready by then!!

Gentle hugs

Vicki xx


Hi Finlay good to hear you've had a lovely time with your husband, my partner is due to retire in 4 years time can't wait, then he can do the housework for a change! Hugs Della xxx


Hey Della,

Thanks, yes your partner will be able to help out with the house work when he retires :) My hubby has got another 7 years yet before retirement but I can't complain, because he's very good and helps out with everything (as I'm sure your's does) ;)

Take it easy

Hugs Vicki xx


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