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Falling asleep?

Has any one else suffered from - in the middle of a task you just switch off and then click you are back again like a light switch goes on and off. I have suffered before usually when watching the tele but today I am doing stuff on the computer and I am there and then not have to pull myself up and start again- I guess I am exhausted - nothing new there then it does make life difficult do you think I should tell some one? There I go again bit like a black hole ----- help? xgins

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Hi Gins, oh yes I know what you mean and my black hole is getting bigger and bigger at an alarming rate!!

Hugs xx x


Yes i have this too.but dont want to alarm anyone but i have silent seizures.where i can be anywhere at al and just feel very heavy eyed very tired,and then i stand and go eyes are open o can hear stuff but cant do owt.

Then i come round and have to have a sleep.

Im used to them now.a brain scan showee i had lesions on side of my brain. X


Hi gins , when i was on morphine patches i could be like this , i could go to the cinema and be asleep before the trailers were over . One minute I was awake , then I'd be waking up . Even now , no longer on the morphine , if i eat too much sugar or fat ,zonk , waking up before i even realise I'm going to sleep . i would mention this to your gp , mine was most unsympathetic , but,good luck x


Thanks guys well I am on morphine tablets and I have developed a very sweet tooth as well - it is strange this does not happen all the time only every ten days or so ! I get so exhausted and then it happens never mind it could be worse cheers for the input xgins


i dont sleep very well when i go to bed at night and can be the early morning when i do , get up every morning get the kids to school and work , then i go back to bed .Can be watching tv or on the laptop and my eyes just want to shut on me and i can not fight it so i go off to sleep , it might be 5 mins , it might be longer .It,s a strange feeling when you can not control it , just go with the flow , i used to get up and walk around to keep my self awake but now i just let it happen and i feel better for it .


Amen to that! Codeine can do that to me. Duloxetine did while I was on it. Face-planting the keyboard was almost second nature in the days when I used to write fiction stories.

Or listening to a documentary on the TV where the narrator's voice makes me soporific - pretty much guaranteed to make me nod off for wee catnaps.....zzzzz


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