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I ended up on my bed all afternoon as my friend had to cancel as she had to be withher dad at hospital and good job she did i ended 1pm to 5,30 pm omm my bed just laying there reading for a bit then just looking at the ceiling lol.

i would never have done that 6 months agio just lay on the bed but thats how its got now and my body obviously needs it so thats waht i am doing .oh well now gonna sit on the sofa and chill (like i really need to ) and will be back tomorrow love to you all diddle x

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i wish i could diddle ,just lay on my bed ,sounds like heaven ,when i go up to my bedroom i look at my bed longingly :(

im running on empty at the moment ,and if my family dont start realising i cant keep going and going ,

im going to go into melt down ,i can feel it hovering ,like a horrible gremlin just waiting to get me :(

well i hope you had a good rest and a nice read ,hugs xxx


Aw bless you if you feel like that you really should try to grab an hour jus to re charge i used to jus t keep going and goinf but jus lately i jus go up the stairs lol not like me at all . Love to you diddle x


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