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back to being me again

Well i woke up this morning and the vice like pain around my skull and face has finally receeded and the total exhaustion has lifted a little.I can honestly say in 55 years and a lot of pain i have never felt so totally helpless as i have this last week,or slept so much.I hope i can return to work on monday,cant afford to lose my job,but will have to be careful not to overdo it.Bit down now that i realise all my pain was just a start of things to come,and dont know what the future holds for me.Gentle hugs to all out there xxx

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Ahh so pleased you feel much better, sounds like a knightmare week :( hope you have a great weekend and are able to go back to work on Monday.

Hugs xx


i understand you feeling down the exhaustion for me is the hardest thing to cope with enjoy your good days and put the bad days behind you. hope you manage to have a good weekend.Lesley x


thankyou all,having to be very careful not to do too much ,

hugs xx


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