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Num Num

Well, it's raining hard, so after my brother dropped off all three boys for an hour or so, after they were picked up again I shouted for fish suppers from our local chippie.

So I'm going to just tuck in my parents are dishing it out now.

After knackered myself yesterday attending my nephews sport day races, I think a relaxing - cooked by someone else entirely - meal will hit the spot.

Hope you all have a nice night.


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Hi lesley-ann dont know where you live but been raining hard here in devon all day weekend does'nt look much better. cor fish and chips yum yum. Dont blame you for relaxing today after yesterday hope you enjoyed your nephews sports day. When i spend a few days with our 18mth grandaughter i'm knackered for a few days after but enjoy being with her , she makes me laugh she's so comical. have a good rest soft hugs xx


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