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Could it be fibromyalgia

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I’ve been suffering with tender joints and extreme stiffness when I wake or after sitting/ driving a very short time.. I look and feel like a 90yr old lady some mornings.. my doctor has run a few blood test and has said it could be peri menopausal symptoms

But after talking to a few friends of similar age, none of them have any of these symptoms

But after a bit of a google search I’ve stumbled on fibromyalgia... does anyone think this would be worth mentioning to my doctor?.. I’m just worried that my doctor thinks these symptoms are in my head as so far all test have come back fine..

15 Replies
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Hi there. Your symptoms do fit with fibromyalgia however menopausal symptoms can be similar. Has one of the tests been a blood test for inflammatory markers which, if elevated, may point towards arthritis? In any case, you can insist on a referral to a rheumatology consultant who will do further tests and confirm if it is fibro or something else. Listening to others’ experiences, it is clear that some GPs are better than others regarding getting a definitive diagnosis. There is obviously something wrong and, until you know exactly what, you can’t move forwards. Please be insistant on getting help. X

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Strawberry73 in reply to Bewitch

Thanks for replying, yes I had blood test for inflammatory marker which came back normal, and I was tested to see if I was menopausal and that was normal, I’ve had these symptoms for a good 5 years but my doctor always put my aches/stiffness/headaches down to my job ( been a barber for 30 years) but seeing as I’ve just had best part of 3 months off work due to lockdown and I’m still aching I can’t see my symptoms are being caused by my job

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Bewitch in reply to Strawberry73

Do you trust your GP? Perhaps see another one, maybe one someone you know recommends. Either way, my advice is still to request (insist) on a referral to a rheumatologist. You obviously need to know what it is so you can manage your symptoms better. Fibro affects people in different ways. I am trying to learn to pace myself and find that emotional stress exacerbates my symptoms. There are different drugs which may help - again, what helps you may be ineffective for others. Warm baths are the only relief for me, although transient. I am sure you will get loads more responses with help and support on this site.

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mrsgailowens in reply to Strawberry73

Hi there

Insist that you see a rheumatologist. I have a similar story I was a marathon runner then one day, I started to get tired, stiff taking 2 hours in the morning to stop the pain and stiffness.

My GP kept saying the menopause, then if was viral. Eventually I had to go private and after 4 and half years of hell, I finally got diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. I am in a bad way . Please do not be fobbed off.

Keep us posted

Every blessing


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Hi Strawberry73 - I'm sorry you are suffering with this, & I agree with Bewitch that the way forward to find out exactly what problem you may have is to ask for a rheumatology referral. However, google is not always your best friend, & at this stage I would be definitely looking to your Drs. advice. Currently blood tests can show if you have rheumatoid arthritis, tho you can have a false negative one. However, the joints that are problematic usually indicate whether a person may likely have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthrosis; the latter mainly causing problems with the hips, knees, lower back, base of the thumb, & wrists. That said, I appreciate you definitely want to know what's wrong, so do pursue a rheumatology consult, & there's no harm in mentioning fibromyalgia.

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I don’t know if this will help or not but when I started with fibromyalgia about 30 years ago, it took around 5 years to get a full diagnosis. I had all sorts of test that all came back clear. At one point they thought it was severe anemia. I didn’t even know then that it was a rheumatologist that diagnosed you. Anyway, I saw a different GP who specialised in sports science who picked it up straight away and sent me to a clinic. It was only then, plus having kept a daily diary, that I got my diagnosis. Don’t give up and insist on seeing a consultant if only to eliminate. Good luck. Hope you’re sorted soon.

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I think it sounds very much like the symptoms I get. It’s horrible. I haven’t officially been diagnosed yet because my doctor sent me to see a rheumatologist because he thought it could be rheumatoid arthritis. The specialist disagreed and said fibromyalgia. Mention it to your doctor it’s worth a try.

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Thank you all for your comments, I will defo take all your advice and ask for a referral, as so far my doctors have been a bit dismissive about my symptoms and I’ve started to feel like they don’t believe me or that I should just except I’m getting older.. but at 47 I don’t think I should feel like a 90yr old.. fingers crossed I get a few answers soon.. x

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Janey1111 in reply to Strawberry73

Hi Strawberry73, Hi All, I’m totally new to this website but after another week of pain and my husband constantly telling me I’m unfit I’ve turned to the internet. This has been going on for me now for 6 months and I also have had 2 blood tests. The truth of the matter is I’ve never been unfit, I am 51, walk for miles, cycle and go to the gym once a week, I also feel about 90 years old. My arms and legs ache or my hips and the pain keeps moving around my body, I keep telling my husband the pain is completely unrelated to any exercise I may have done. Also exercise used to make me feel energised but now it’s makes me feel exhausted. I will contact my GP again and try to get a referral. Thanks to reading this conversation, I now have some direction with where to go from here.

in reply to Janey1111

Hi Janey

You sound exactly like me but I am a bit further down the line. I too have always been fit gym, horse riding, walking and hiking then bam 💥 my hips were so painful, I would get out of bed and feel as though someone had broken my feet and ankles, I felt like I had flu didn’t matter if I left all my activities for a month I just got worse and worse to the point I could not get out of bed.

It’s very hard to explain to someone exactly how the pain feels for you I used to get the same not from my other half but friends. Long story short was very poorly in March 2019 and after two major operations was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. You must get a referral to a Rheumatologist and I also am under a Pain management team 🥰🐼

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Janey1111 in reply to

Oh dear, that all sounds so awful especially as you said no one could understand how you were feeling as obviously they can't see anything wrong with you. You said it got to the point where you couldn't get out of bed, this is heart breaking when you were previously so active. I hope you have managed to get your life back to some sort of normality with the pain relief.

I am still exercising but at the back of mind is how will I feel later or tomorrow, will I be exhausted ? It's also concerning as it's getting worse with time. People keep telling me it's all connected to the menopause, I have really hoped this to be the case, but I know deep down that other people don't feel like this.

I will contact my doctor again tomorrow, this time I'll try my best to get a referral.

Thank you for your support.

in reply to Janey1111

Hi Janey111

I know it’s awful but I am a positive person I try not to let it show and the friends who then decided they had no time for me were blocked and deleted from my life it was quite refreshing. People said to me it was the menopause but I had my bloods taken when I was at my worse and the GP said this is nothing to do with the menopause and I knew from speaking to people they never felt this way.

I really hope you get your referral don’t take no for an answer and your most welcome.


Hi strawberry 73 l was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2019. I'm confused as to whether it takes place of my other diagnoses such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, scoliosis, bulging disc in lower back just for a start. Its definitely worth asking your GP but l got fibro diagnosis from my rheumatologist and now dont know what to think.

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Same as you , been over 33 years since my symptoms kicked off. I was 30 years old.Took 5 years and given a diagnosis of M.E. . I was then medically retired in 1996. Over the years I have seen several rheumatologists. My blood tests have never been normal and show a high esr every time. Over the years as I have managed to get a bit more mobile they changed my diagnosis to fibro. Insist on seeing a rheumatologist. Everything is much more modern than in my day. I hope you get a confirmed diagnosis as you need this to try and manage your condition. This then allows you to organise your life to suit your needs. Good luck I hope all goes well for you.

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Hiya! Your post sounds familiar to how I felt. I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and i would say, you know your body best and how you feel. If you relate or think you have a lot of the Fibro symptoms, trust your instincts and tell your doctor. Some GPS can be clueless about Fibro and it is diagnosed by exclusion so can take a while which can be frustrating. It’s your health and life that’s affected so don’t shy away from talking to your GP about your thoughts. It’s not in your head and unfortunately it is a horrible condition to manage so you need GP support. Best of luck xx

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