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This website is enjoyable

I love having a smart phone as I can check this website and it cheers me up. Last night after the worst argument in my life with my boyfriend where he walked out, I was hysterical, to the point of considering self harm which I used to do. I didn't. I know I don't need it but i needed to calm myself down as I was struggling to breathe and i was in so much pain. I screamed at him so much, I was so angry for trying to ssssh me. And then he left and I felt like I'd be slapped. Worse time ever. I'm now so so tired today and had to be at uni to discuss a talk I'm givig next week. Just wanna curl up and cry...

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omg poor you ! what a horrible night ,

sending you lots of soothing gentlec hugs xxxxx


oh, i am sorry but sending love and hugs, xx


Feel better soon xx


You look like a lovely positive young lady, i do hope all is well for you, take care of you xxx


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