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My specialist has asked me to try and build up some low impact exercise which is measurable (ie not just walking the dog as that's usually the same walk!) and suggested getting a cheap exercise bike and doing 1 min x 3 times a week then slowly increasing. Not over keen on that idea as haven't really got room for one of those, so does anyone else have any suggestions on building up some kind of exercise to help with CFS? I'd be really grateful to hear anyone's story on this and if it's helped/hindered them. Many thanks! xx

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Ouch would be my answer! I have tried lots of things, swimming, serious tennis, trampoline etc, all just made me hurt extra bad and for extra long.

I have finally settled on just gentle things such as using the Wii. I still hurt a lot and for a long time, but I believe that keeping active whist I am able, will help in the long run as well as making me feel better just because I feel I'm helping myself. I hope that makes sense!

I still have a son of 13 to home educate, so he keeps me active too, mentally as well as physically. Thankfully he's more of a music, gaming reader, than a football and sporty type, but we cycle, walk the old dog, mess around with tennis, (more retrieving the ball from bushes than hitting it back!), etc, not serious stuff but exercise of sorts.

I like the stretching best, a challange in itself because of cramp, but a huge gym ball instead of chairs and the tip to imagine myself held upright by a string coming from the top of my head, helps enormously.

I did not get on with an exercise bike, swimming, trampoline, roller skates,..., or accepting that I'm not 14 anymore!

Whatever you do, be gentle with yourself, it's easy for others, who don't feel like they are constantly covered in the worst bruises and just completed the triathalon, to say exercise is the answer.


Hi bikerchick, my daily routine of walking up to school three times a day is all i can mange, but it does me so much good. Just getting out however slow it is i still do it and push myself most days.

The school is up a hill and i have plenty of rests but i know i can do it.

I cant do any other exercise as my ME wont let me with all the fatigue.

hugs, kel xxx


Hi bikerchic (cool name),

Sound like your GP has little understanding of Fibro and exercise. It's not something you can just go and do if you are not used to exercise, especially something like riding a bike.

Have a look at 'Abnormal responses to exercise' in this link to the main Fibro Action site.

....and you might want print this one off and give it to him, paying particular attention to 'Specific recommendations on nonpharmacologic management of FMS are as follows', another link to the Fibro Actions site.

I would go back to him and ask for a referral for Hydrotherapy to start you off, although even that left me utterly exhausted the following day, at the beginning.

I do a small amount of exercise in the swimming pool, to loosen up followed by about 15 mins of stop, start, swimming and then just float for a few minutes before I get out.

This link to the National MS Society is really good and even explains some exercises you can do

The thing to remember is to only do what you can comfortably manage so you don't pay the price afterwards and gradually build up.

Good luck and happy hugs, kate :)


A recent blog I wrote on Exercise & Fibro:


A referral to physiotherapy should be the first step if you are completely unused to exercising.


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