Flameing June

They say flameing june as it should be hot ha ha. Just had bad thunder storm and down pour. My head is muzzy,eyelids just want to close, feel sick and pain allover. Supose to be going to see our grandaughter in Bristol tomorrow shes 18mths old and said nana over the phone last week for the first time. also rather shakey. does the weather affect any off you. hears soft hugs to you all sorry for moaning as i know some of you are alot worse than me and i should be more thankfull as i have a birll hubby as well. take care switching off as headache comming. thanks for being there. take care. xxx

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  • This weather really does get you down doesn't it ? I wasn't too keen on the really hot weather we had a few weeks ago either though lol.

    I've not made it out of bed today and listening to the rain hitting the window is making me very sleepy , but I can't nod off as I'm waiting for the doc to ring and I'm not good when I'm woken up !



  • Hi Helen, so sorry you are having a bad day and hope dr can help in some way. I don't like it to hot either will we ever be pleased with the weather lol I should'nt have moaned but just felt a bit down and yck. hope you have a better day tomorrow. perhaps when i've had a sleep i'll feel better soft hugs.xx

  • This country's weather has gone all to pot ! Either too hot , too cold or to wet . Never seems to be that nice in between bit lol.

    I can cope with hot days ( just ) but hot , humid nights are horrible. And my roof is leaking so I'm not really happy with this much rain either !

    Have a good old moan if you want to lol, I do !



  • Hi Helen, Maybe next week will be fine ha ha. You deffinetly dont want rain with a leaky roof. Well i'm off to Bristol tomorrow back friday evening. ahope Dr was able to help take care and i'll catch up when i get back. soft hugs xx

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