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Cup tea please :-)

Monday morning after a night from hell, I think I have some sort of bug but I am bed ridden with pain and fatigue as well. Oh the joys ...

Do not have the energy to make a tea sat with water until my lovely son comes home.

Have booked into the doctors but its an emergency appointment so could be waiting a while.

The joys of a fibro life and this week I wanted to catch up with friends.

Amy way to all of us in bed today gentle hugs xxx


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Hey Penny, gentle hugs.

I had 2 days exactly like yours - and with water! The only difference? Am on my own - so no one to help me :'(

Today I'm no different but for a bout of vertigo - I'm too afraid to even go to pee incase I stumble and fall down the stairs - my bedroom and the bathroom are right by the stairs - less than 4 feet.

Lets hope we Fibromites get some blessed respite from the pain et al, very soon!


Carol xx


Hi Penny i am sorry you are in bed, and heres me moaning lol.

I hope you feel better soona dn i am sending you a gentle hug back.

hugs, kel xxxx


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