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ATOS customer survey

Haven't heard the result of my ESA assessment yet, but got sent a customer survey form to ask how I feel about their assessment service and how they could make improvements in the future. They are employing an independent research agency to process all the questionnaires (cost??)

One is not allowed to comment on the whole benefit procedure just the assessment as their role is purely to arrange and conduct the assessment!

Love to know how many people got one of these forms (10 mins to fill in they say) My responses will not be printable so it will probably be going straight into the bin!)


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I had one a few years ago after an assessment by ATOS for Incapacity Benefit . I let them know in no uncertain terms that I was disgusted at the way the whole assessment was conducted . I then put in a formal complaint about the medic who'd performed the assessment as he had totally humiliated me and reduced me to tears ( my benefit was also stopped afterwards but re-instated at appeal ).

I waited a few months and then followed up this letter with a request asking what action had been taken with regards to this " medic " . I was informed ( after a few more letters ) that he was no longer employed by ATOS so no further action could be taken.

Having said that , the last ATOS assessment I had last year , the assessor was really nice, very understanding and although I still found the assessment horrible I made sure I wrote to praise that particular assessor which I thought was only fair .


I sent my ESA50 form for migration from IB to ESA back in March, and I haven't heard anything at all from ATOS. The backlog is horrific.

ATOS have a bad name, but they're only doing what the government have told them to do.


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