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There are thousands of us on here: We could all have a frenzy of signing and sharing to bring about change!

Please have a look at these petitions, one about whistleblowing about bad care and the other two may be relevant to those of you with undiagnosed or diagnosed thyroid issues!

Some of you have already: However if you have not and have a couple of minutes we could change the way we area all treated.

I know I whinge on like granny's oldest cracked record, but I don't care these are VERY important.

Some basic maths, now let me see now - 5,000 people sign them and all and pass them to 10 people.... etc etc, some progress fast, governments can't ignore LARGE AMOUNTS of people power! etc wibble rant SHRIEK

Just a thought, if there are thousands of us on here and other forums, if we all SIGNED and SHARED and PASSED THEM ON.... we could all bring about change.l

1. whistleblowing: medics and patients get trashed when they complain which is wrong, please sign share and pass on via email and social networks or other forums:

and now these two which need signing and passing on for more sharing:

and a world thyroid register as we are not the only country suffering from idiot policy:

thanks and any ideas for getting this to go around to stop me suffering texty typey fingers etc xx

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there is loads of us on here ,but i dont know where they all are ?

i will take a look at this later mary ,gentle hugs xxxx