how do i get in this mess ??

hello have you missed me ... i have managed to get my self in a muddle with work ... i work 4 days and volenteer one so thats a 5 day week with boys home and life fms .. and i have got training every saturday for 3 weeks the idea is killing me without doing it

I am waiting to finish the vol work due to the stresses of work but i need to finish a few weeks .. but wow i am stressed ..

so if i not around i will be in bed ...

gentle dyslexic hugs

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  • Ohhh lexie, it sounds like you are stressing to much, you need to try and slow down hun, before fibro stops you.

    I hope you can sort it all out. hugs, kel xxxx

  • thanks xx

  • Awww Lexie you must take care you are the most important factor in this muddle.

    Soft Hugs

    Sue x x x x

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