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just venting

when i first was told i had fm i had a friend who had already claimed benefits for it. i watched her climb ladders travel to africa and never ever ever feel the slightest bit ill it made me feel like a fraud because i could not do even a fraction of what she did on my good days. It made me feel really bad and i pushed myself to the lmit and beyond.

this lady claimed benefits for everything and drew over 3000 pounds a month in benefits which she managed to channel out. and actually bought a house in africa. well it turned out that she was NOT ill at all and it is people like like this that have turned the powers that be against fm claims. she was convicted for fraud but the damage that she and others are doing to our very real claims is making life difficult for us.

the moral of this story is two fold


never ever compare your level of illness to others.


beware of the people who are abusing us by abusing the system

. hope this doesnt annoy anyone just had to get it off my chest. thanks to my stupidity i did a lot of damage to me.

dladoes not affect working or work income but forms must be filled in with your very worstday in mind not what you can do but what you cant do goodluck.butterfly hugz petal

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too true, never compare urself 2 others. I have sister-in-law who says she has fibro but I dont know who diagnosed her r what she told them cos beside me shes a 1st class athlete. She walks 5-6 mile everyday sometimes twice a day. She attends gym as often as she can and never complains of pain. It makes me feel like I'm a fraud complaining and moaning when I feel awful. The family wonder why I moan and say I'm 2 tired 2 do things r why I never plan anything in advance.

Thankfully I have supportive hubby and kids while other family members r not so supportive. I'm glad she got found out and as u say people like her r ruining benefit system 4 others who really need help and get turned down and end up appealing adding 2 their stress and making cond worse.

It will do u good 2 get it off ur chest and stop u stressing bout it anymore.

Gentle hugs 2 u and remember we r all here 2 listen 2 each other no matter what its bout, take care xx


thanks for your response i am glad your family aresupportive itmust help a lot. butterfly hugz


It makes me so angry when people abuse the system the way they do, i know of a few people like that and one even tries to say her kids are ill just so she can claim money for them.

I had to fight very hard for what little i do get, how your friend managed to get so much i dont know, same as others who do it, i only just manage on what i get but i am new to it all, i take only what i need and entitled to to help me with my everyday needs.

Dont mean to upset anyone with my comment above and i do hope i havent, just had to get it off my chest.

Your very lucky to have a supportive family nananna, i dont have that either, my mother thinks getting out more and getting a bit of fresh air will make me feel so much better, if that was the cure well i'd think we would all bottle it and shipp it ((((hugs to all))))


hi willowmuse i moved country at the age of 57 and live alone now after my family decided i was just attention seeking and turned against me only one of my children now has contact with me but she lives in support is not a thingi have either. but i will survive this and anything else fibroman throws at me as diddle calls it lol petal


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