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ESA Assessment

I had my assessment last week and have just had a phone call from the job centre giving me an appointment for the wrag group, not even a letter.

Lovely lady but i told her i want to appeal against this and she will send me an appeal form with my appointment letter.

How do they expect me to work with all this pain lack of sleep depression etc etc, luckily i have a doctors appt next week and will take the letter with me.

This sort of thing makes the fibro flare up and make you feel completely and utterly exhausted.

sorry to go on

Lin x

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commiserations, sweetheart. it's such a blow for you, but make sure you do appeal and if you're eligible, get the CAB to assist you with it. I've just been turned down for a blue badge. Both situations suck, eh?


they have no idea what they are doing to us! I even had a specialist at the hospital (heart) have a go cos i wanted to go home and no one had said what was wrong with me. i went straight into fibro flare! sorry for both of you. please both appeal again and again till you get what you NEED!


i know how you feel i too have had an assessment,and have been sent and appointment to atttend the job centre for aan interview to start a back to work , i am very depressed,i have not slept for a few days and am very tired, but the dss said if i don,t go to appointment they would stop my money,they do not give you any choice,this goverment don,t care about the disabled,how are we sopposed to cope


my wrag interview is next friday, i have just received my appeal form but not the report yet, so i dont know how many points i got or how many you are sposed to get.

I have drs on tuesday and will take this letter with me but he mentioned before that if he writes a letter they have to charge me for it, cant win.

But my dr signed me off in january as i couldnt cope with working just 1 day a week so how will i cope with amother job

i hate ATOS

thanks for your reply

Lin x


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