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exercise does work!!

havent been on here for a while as had trouble at yard where ponios were but all sorted now and they are in their new home.

so have had to be busy for the last few weeks getting everything out of old paddock and sorting new even made some hay!

the first day of turning the hay nearly killed me but felt good afterwards so carried on and yes still in a little pain but have spent the last 3 days up the fields working constantly but pain is nothing like it was.

have been feeling exhausted and still not sleeping in deep sleep but going carry on the hard work as it seems to be helping me

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I've been desperate for months to get back in the gym, but I always crash and burn. The trouble is I have never paced myself, just tried to do what I used to do ( you would think after 12 years I would have learned), anyhow last week I decided to get back to the gym and start as if I've never been in a gym before doing a couple of minutes on each machine, at the lowest level. The only thing I did for longer , 10 mins, was waking as I have kept this up, walking the dog for at least a couple of miles a night, not pain free, but it clears my mind and I really enjoy it.

hope you continue to work and exercise as you wish,

take care

Jax :)


I go to a special exercise class and I enjoy it despite the major flare I get after each session.

The instructor is there to motivate you and make sure you are not overdoing it - everyone goes at their own pace.

Some people may prefer to exercise alone, but I am the type of person who prefers to do it in a group with a qualified fitness instructor in charge.

We are a motely crew with all sorts of health problems - indeed, we are not allowed to participate if we haven't taken our appropriate meds beforehand.

I have lost weight and my blood pressure has come down since I started these classes - they are called exercise on referral.

I wouldn't last 5 seconds in a regular aerobics class!


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