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amitripylines and fibro?

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my neuro has started me on amitriptylines, two 10mg tablets before bedtime, but they are making me soo drowsey and unable to wake in the morning? it takes me at least 2 hours to fully wake up in the morning, during this time i am grumpy and snappy. has anyone else had these tablets and had similar side effects? xx

16 Replies
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They made me have bad dreams x

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Hi mellisa, Amitriptyline can do this, you need to go back and see your gp who may want to reduce them slightly - a lot of the medication used with Fibro do have this effect - it is a case of trial and error to the right amount of mg's to take to suit the individual

hope this helps,

hugs poppy xx

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Hi i'm on these like you i started off on 2 x 10mg at night. I was a little dopey in the morning but that wore off after about 10 - 24 days. I got used to 2 a night so Dr uped them to 3, and now I'm on 4. I have'nt had any side affects which is good as they help with sleep and pain. Maybe your Dr could give you something else to try. soft hugs xx

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Hi im on 60mg Amatripyline they good 4 me i hardly wake during night now i agree it might b idea 2c ur dr again hun i hope u find the right tabs very soon hun x Gentle hugs 2u all loobie x

Try taking them earlier. I was told 12 hours before you want tok be awake. It does help, buti ave been on them many years.... Over 8 now. But it takes your body a while to get used to them. The classic is feeling like you wake with a hangover. If you accidentally take too many, then you feel like it all day... Been there and done that!!!! I'm on 40 mg a night now and it does help me relax but doesn't stop me waking up if I need the loo.

I'm sure you will get used to them, just give it time xxxx

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I was just about to write about taking them earlier lol.

I am a lucky one who has been able to suffer them i am now upto 100mg, and i still wake up if i hear the kids. I felt so bad in the mornings anyway that they didnt make me any worse than what i felt.

Good luck with them and keep taking them as it takes a while to get in your system properly.

Like rozzyb, 12 hours before you need to wake.

hugs, kel xxx

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Hi Melissa, I had awful problems with amitriptyline and I was on it for a couple of years. Sometimes it would take me all day to wake up, but if I didn't take them I could guarantee a really bad nite!

I talked to my pain consultant and he recommended a change to NORTRIPTILINE. They are a similar tablet and I take a lower dose of this but I sleep much better and I wake up when I wake up! I'm more active now because of the sleeping and I now have started to get into a routine which is so much better. I feel 100% better than I did and I have now just started physio and am slowly building up my strength and stamina and hopefully, in the not too distant future, I hope I can start coming off of the sleeping tablets and maybe some of the pain killers too.

Talk to your doctor and ask about nortriptiline and see what they recommend. It's a fairly new drug so they may say no.

But I have to say, I think it's turned my life around.

Good luck anyway and I hope you soon find some relief.

Take care of you xxxxxxxxxxxx

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ive been on them 4 5 years ..2omg...but i agree ..taking them earlier in the evening works best 4 me xxxxxxxxxx

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I am on Amitrypteline 10mg per night as others have said try taking them early depending on what time you want to sleep. I take mine at 9pm and usually drift off at 12am. they do help me have a better nights sleep. My doc prescribed 20mg but I felt that was too strong and was making me drowsy. experiment with the dose/times before you give up on it because it can help some people. Good luck x

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They give me an extremely dry mouth for most of the day, even changed to decaff tea, thinking it was normal tea, but that didn't make any difference. I take 2 x 10mg and I actually get about 6 hours a night now.

I was recently prescribed 10mg Amitryptiline. Took them for a short while - I found them really strong - I felt detached the next day and low motivation upto about 5 pm only to have to take one 9 pm ish - I got precious sleep, however, was not prepared to pay the price for taking them and have stopped.

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I was put on this for my chronic fatigue as the drug is meant to make you feel like you have had a 'better nights sleep' and meant to leave you feeling well rested.

I just constantly felt like I was sedated but also found them very hard to come off of after a year or so. Its catch 22, it might make you sleep better which may make your fibro better but if it leaves you feeling groggier than normal is it worth it?

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Hi Melissa i use to take my meds just beofre bed time and was like you could'nt wake up . so i started to take it at 8 o clock its was a little beta but now i take it at tea time with my meal which is between 5 and 6 o clock which works beta for me . try it start earlier see how you get on ok xxxxxx

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Hi, I was on amytriptilin, to begin with, it di not work for me, but as they say it is trial and erro with the various drugs available to treat fibro or help cope with it. I went right up to 75mg and still had trouble sleeping, when i moved back home and went back to my old gp she took me off them, as they werent working and any higher they stop being any help for pain relief ect but more of a an antidepressant. Like others have surgested though i would take it a little earlier in the evening, this should help if not go back to your gp and see itf they can offer you an alternative.

Good luck xxx

Hello Melissa, I take Amitriptyline and have been taking it for a few years now without problems, apart from weight gain. I take 75mg daily. At first I took my tablet just before bed and I found I was sparked out through the next day and literally couldn't get out of bed. It suddenly dawned on me that I might be taking the tablet too late and it was making me dopey in the morning as opposed to at night. I changed the time to 2pm in the afternoon and I found within less than a week I felt really sleepy at midnight. I kept taking Amitriptyline at 2pm and I found my sleep pattern stabilised along with my waking times too. It has made a huge difference to how I feel - sleeping better and feeling rested gives me more energy and consequently makes me feel much better and more positive. My pain levels are easier to manage too. If you are feeling drowsy the next day taking Amitriptyline perhaps you're taking it too late. If in any doubt about this, please have a word with your GP to clarify. :) :)

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I once put up a post about Amitriptyline which my doctor prescribed but which I have never taken as there were mixed responses on the post. I am not happy taking it with another anti-depressant which I take 10 mg of (Paroxetine) and the only reason I asked my GP re Amitriptyline was instead of not as well as Paroxetine. Also some people said that Amitriptyline can be bad for the heart with some people or maybe it was if you are taking two a/depressants. Also I was worried about weight gain. I have already put on loads with Paroxetine so didn't eant to risk putting on any more, so for sleep prblems I use Valium (sometimes) or Zopiclone (oocasionally)

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