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I am trying to be optimistic and block out the pain, but not suceeding, complaint into PALS at local hospital after the appailing experience and the way I was treated the other night. Just want my life back, so tired all the time and no energy to do anything. The pain in my calf is still like severe cramp and is there all the time, just trying to convince myself it is the fracture healing. If things don't improve over the next few days I will go see my GP. I feel thankful that I have an understanding doctor, who sees u as an individual and she does not label me. This new pain only started the other night and I know it is somethime different for my condition. But I have never had a fractured ankle before so unsure what to expect. Wishing u all to have a good day and if it wasn't for the kind words on here I know I just would be unable to keep fighting this, thank you to you all for being kind and considerate it means a lot.

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Please get that calf checked asap maybe deep vein thrombosis


Went to hospital other night and they weren't concerned although GP told me to go to A&E within 4 hrs,to have cast removed to check if any infection or signs of DVT developing as also had a temperture come on fast and toes went very cold, but felt like they were on fire and leg had swollen above cast but went down while waiting in A&E to be seen. They told me at A&E didn't have time to take cast off and sent me home without even checking temp or anything, just called me into cubicle and said more or less nothing wrong and discharged me within 5 minutes said had been hot day so just go home and take painkillers, had already taken co-codamol, tramdol and amtripyline. I am on fragmin which thins my blood while I have the plaster cast on leg so would be really unlucky if it is a DVT developing, my fatigue has increased drastically over last few days too. The symptoms are all there to point in that direction, so just montoring if don't improve and temperture goes up again I will just go down and see GP, I was unfortuate to get the nurse and doctor that pre judge their patients from their medical records and see fibro and put everything down to that, the joys, have put in a complaint about them xx


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