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So Fed up

Last night had a flare up of something, temperture came on fast, got severe cramp in my right calf where I have my plaster cast on, my foot felt as it was on fire but really cold to touch, and began to vomit. I called the duty doctor and they asked me to ensure I went up to A&E within the next 4 hours just incase it was an infection or DVT. He said to ask them to take the cast off ever though there was no inflamation above cast, they will need to check under it. Went to A&E as requested explained this all to her and she was very helpful, she called straight through to nurses desk to say sent by duty doctors in out of hours service in department and asked them to see me. Waited 4 hours, then I began to get severe pain between my shoudler blades and temperture felt like I was on fire, still vomitting. My left arm was tingling like pins and needles , a paramedic was at the reception and clearly saw I wasn't well, she came up and asked if ok, when I explained my symptoms and said I was feeling that I was getting worse she got reception to call nurse station again. A nurse came up and shouted my name took me to the furtherest cubicle she could find, hopping on my crutches, she then said oh no cubicles wait here, leaving me standing, pulled a sheet off a bed then said go in there, before I had time to sit down on the chair she said "right what's happened" I explained to her and explained that the GP said I needed cast off to check underneath. She said abruptly back to me "oh right" she then left the cubicle without saying anything, I sat there waiting on chair with no where to elevate my fractured leg about 10 minutes later a doctor came, looked at me, said don't think is anything to worry about, can go home, probably too much sun (I was not even in the sun yesterday)never examined me or anything, said can get me into the fracture clinic today if I feel plaster needs to come off, but no need to check tonight as no time. Then said you can go home, just felt so annoyed. Never even asked how will I get home as was alone and stay 22 mile from hospital. Arranged a taxi for myself after struggling back to waiting room, receptionist said in disbelieve where u going have u been seen, said yes not ever examined told just to go home, said felt total waste of time and money, cost me £35 for taxi home. I am not stupid and don't go to A&E just for the sake of it, have slept right through till 3pm today from 2am which I never do as I really struggle most of the time to get to sleep. I know something isn't right, but think what is the point. So just trying to ignore the symptoms which I know is new to my usual elements. If anything serious happens believe me my local hospital will be taken the full length. I was unfortuate enough to get a doctor and nurse that had no compassion whatsoever in they bodies last night, my partner just has no understanding at all said if they never checked me obvisously ok, if it wasn't for my young kids I would just give up and end it because just had enough now, but suppose I will have to bear it out till I see consultant on 21st, why is there so many people out there that just stigmatis you because you have a large medical file, so totally ignore any new symptoms and think it is all in my mind, have checked my temperture and bp at home is 38.6 even with co-codamol, my blood pressure is not too bad 134/98 so the low reading is slightly high, the joys, why is my body so crap all the time and letting me down x

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So sorry you have had a truamatic time Weeme but if you have any other illness seem to put it down to that happened to me last year had high blood pressure,

and was a saturday so couldnt see Gp went too A/e checked blood pressure it was 202/ 104 the nurse said not high gave ecg normal but what I could understand as take blood pressure pill but still high they said go home and rest its stress of illness.

so what I do now is relaxation & meditation when getting stressed seems too help with pain & blood pressure.

hope you are feeling better

all thebest Bobby


Thanks Bobby, I did have issues with my blood pressure in January has had query small bled in my brain was in hospital for 5 days, so I too am on blood pressure tablets at the moment. So my blood pressure is highly than it has been for a while. Your BP was real high at that time, I really don't understand the A&E sometime I do understand they are a really busy deartment but it costs nothing for manners and ensuring your patients feel valued individuals and not worthless as that is what it feels like sometimes. I am having as much rest as possible and do hope I recover quickly, is something I will have to deal with, thanks for the kind words I will try some mediatation techniques if I can later to see if that helps thanks Again xx


oh bless you ,really feel for you ,what a rubbish time you had hun ,lots of gentle hugs sent your way xxxx


Weemee Hun you need to contact PALS at the hospital concerned, tell them what happend and, make a formal complaint.

Just phone the hospital and ask for the department.

Sorry you had such a rotten time,I swear to god they see fibro and automaticaly make assumptions,that could one day kill one of us.

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx


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