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i have fibro and hyper joint mobility. i have a friend with fibro and she was a chef and a veggie. i changed my diet 6 weeks ago i have live yogurt no sugar at all now i used have 3 teaspoons in my tea. also have only brown bread with soya and poppy seeds and fruit and greens .i also have no fat milk now as well. i have also accepted illness now i have been fighting it for 3 years which just stressed me out and did not help. not only have i lost half a stone my tender points are not so tender now also feel so much better in myself. i do still get my flare ups like today and use my tens machine that helps. i waiting for my acupuncture from chronic pain clinic to help with stress i am lucky and have good doctors looking after me.

gentle hugs lyn xx.

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Well done on finding something that works lyn. :) I've bought many books claiming to fix fibro through diet so I'm pleased to hear that some of it does work :)

That's a lot to give up all at once, you must have awesome determination!


hi well put 3 stone on after having steroid injections. i am lucky my friend has fibro as well also a chef so she knows whats good ans whats bad. sugar is the worse thing to have. also i am on vitamin d from doctor as all fibro patients have low vitamin i say i do feel better my hair is getting thicker and all under arm hair has come back GRR LOL and on my legs. i am not having a good day today but will just get on the best i can. xx


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